Minecraft's Role in Education

When most gamers hear the word Minecraft, they think about the cool indie game with the unique blocky design and the emphasis on building and resource gathering. Very few people who have not experienced it firsthand realize the other side of Minecraft: the simulation tool used in a variety of education functions. The age range the game is useful to for education is extensive. Children can use the game to learn many basic skills, and I personally know of at least one college level engineering course that used Minecraft as a primary tool for simulation purposes thanks to its ability to properly

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F-Zero or Zero Gravity

Just to prove that anything Acclaim can do with Extreme G, Nintendo can do too, the Kyoto based masters released a batch of new screenshots this month to show off the potential of the four-player mode in their forthcoming F-Zero 64. And although (certainly at this stage, anyway) the visuals don’t appear to be as detailed as those in the other, Probe- developed N64 Wipeout-beater, there looks to be plenty for fans of the original to look forward to.

Much of F-Zero still remains under wraps, but the screenshots point to rollercoaster-style corkscrews, up-and-unders and multi-branching tracks.

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How to Find the Right Derma Roller for You

With so many derma rollers that we can see online and different stores, it is just natural that some of the consumers are skeptical on buying a specific derma roller for the very first time. Surely you will see a lot of best derma roller reviews as well but the question is how true these reviews are. The first thing that you might want to check is the brand of the product, some are already known while some are not. While it is not fair to conclude that newer brands are not of quality as well, it is always best to do a little research on a particular product that you’re eyeing on. Derma rollers... [Read more…]

Samsung's Curved Phone Hailed One of the Best in 2015

When Samsung released their Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, people from all over the world can't wait to get a hold of this unique design that falls to the category of being a phablet as well. With its 5.7 inch screen, surely it would be hard to miss on anything important on your screen. Its powerful 4GB RAM is so massive that it can multitask on the apps that you use on the phone, using them at the same time or switching between apps. Aside from that, high graphic games look great on this phone while playing on some simpler games are even better. If you wish to download Time Management games from the... [Read more…]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Attending Concerts

Concerts are a great experience especially for those who are first timers. Of course it is just natural that you are excited about it but making sure that you are safe and doing things right will help you get a fun-filled memorable experience. Here are some concert tips on how you can be successful on your first concert experience. For example, finding Luke Bryan tickets could be a hassle.

  • Buying tickets – there are different sources where you can buy your tickets for a specific concert. It could be at the venue, other ticketing office, organizers website and even the artist’s online page.
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