Samsung's Curved Phone Hailed One of the Best in 2015

When Samsung released their Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, people from all over the world can't wait to get a hold of this unique design that falls to the category of being a phablet as well. With its 5.7 inch screen, surely it would be hard to miss on anything important on your screen. Its powerful 4GB RAM is so massive that it can multitask on the apps that you use on the phone, using them at the same time or switching between apps. Aside from that, high graphic games look great on this phone while playing on some simpler games are even better. If you wish to download Time Management games from the play store, you'll be excited to know that even though most of the games would keep your hands glued on the phone, the S6 Edge Plus' battery has 3000mAh capacity which can give you long hours on gaming. Not to mention the fast charger that is included on the package which cuts the charging time for almost half the time using the normal chargers. One of the major problems though that some people realized after they made the purchase was how hard it is to find a phone case that could give total protection on the phone's curved screen, but other than that, the phone is just as perfect as you could expect.